Rental Property Disclaimer

Before the start of the rental, the renter shall ensure the operational safety of the bicycle and inform the lessor of any defects and/or damage present. Any potential repairs must be reported to the lessor immediately. All complaints must be noted in writing on the contract before taking over the (e)-bike.

  • The renter is liable for all damages resulting from improper and negligent actions. The renter is responsible for the proper parking and storage of the (e)-bike and thorough securing and locking at suitable bike parking places.
  • All damages exceeding the normal wear and tear shall be borne by the renter.
  • In the event of theft or loss, proof must be provided that the rental object was locked at the time of loss. The lessee must be able to show all keys handed over at time of rental. If proof cannot be provided, the current value of the rental object will be charged (by the lessor). The excess amounts to 85% of the product value (new price) and is to be borne by the renter.
  • The Renter’s liability for personal injury and damage to property is excluded unless it is attributable to a gross breach of duty on the part of the Lessor. The renter’s liability shall also extend to the damage costs such as costs of experts, depreciation or costs of loss of rental income.
  • The renter acknowledges that the lessor is not liable for accidents or other events during the rental period and confirms that he or she has been extensively trained in the operation of the e-bike.
  • In the event of a breakdown, the Lessor is under no obligation to organise any return transport. Any costs incurred for the repatriation must be borne by the renter. Upon request, an emergency repair kit will be provided, free of charge.
  • The renter knows and understands the relevant road traffic regulations, provided that the e-bikes are registered on public roads and declares themselves to be entitled to drive the e-bike, and in appropriate physical and mental condition.

BikeBox Management

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